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Condor Motorsports is dedicated to winning both on the racetrack and in the market place by offering a wide variety of cost effective marketing opportunities.

Some of the many advantages of working along side the Condor Motorsports  Atlantic Team includes:

Association with the IMSA- ALMS organization. ALMS brings the excitement of rivarly between Atuomobil manufacturers such as Audi, Peugeot, Mazda, Corvette, Ferrari and many other. Formula Atlantic ,  now in its 36th year, offers first rate, exciting racing.

Your name reaches a dedicated, young-adult audience (25-44 age range), with great brand loyalty.

The Atlantic series ai the starting place for the next generation if Indy Car, Formula One and Sport Cars drivers.

Atlantic races are run in conjunction with ALMS races, providing the perfect backdrop for entertaining your clients and associates.

The team’s state-of-the-art transporter makes the perfect meeting place for your guests at the races.

Your logo, on the teams transporter, will be seen across the US and Canada as it travles to and from each of the races and multiple test sessions.

The series receives excellent press coverage from mainstream News papers and racing publications including, Autoweek, RACER, National Speed Sport News and more.

The series has wide electronic media coverage vial the World Wide Web and Internet sites.

These are just a sample of the benefits and programs offered by Condor Motorsports. All programs are cost effective and have endless value added services. Please contact us today and experience our moderately priced marketing programs first hand.