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Junior Strous delivers a Podium finish for Condor Motorsports at Laguna Seca

Junior Strous (#6) podium finish at Laguna Seca validated the Dutchman’s skills.

After a trying year in 2007 where he dealt the whole season with a badly broken wrist, Junior, now healed, finally was able to showcase his talents.

At Laguna Seca he was the fastest driver in every session but the ones that counted. His practice times were actually faster than the Pole Record set during the week end. At the end, traffic and an ill timed red flag, cut short his hopes for the pole.

On Sunday’s race, he was rewarded with a third place finish after recovering from a slow get away at the start of the race. He sits now in fourth place in the Championship standings at only three points shy of the lead.

Dominick Muermans (#9) is in comparison a late starter in racing. He is presently only in his fourth year in racing. He tested many cars and raced selected events in several different classes all over the world but never steadily enough to maximize experience.

However, in only his second race of 2008, Dominick scored his best career finish at Laguna Seca when he crossed the line in fifth place. The rookie driver is improving steadily in every test and race. With more understanding of the car and pushed by the competitiveness of the Atlantic Series field the pleasant Dutchman is definitely becoming someone to watch.

Douglas Soares (#11) is a quiet individual that most times almost passes unnoticed. Always polite and courteous, he does not resemble someone that can be so aggressive in a racecar.. At Laguna Seca he was laying low and gradually improving his times during the weekend. At the start of the race he improved seven positions in the first lap. The language barrier, adrenaline and scratchy radio communications proved costly when he mistook a request by the officials to let a competitor by and instead came into the pits.

Rejoining the race last he reclaimed lost ground and many lost positions to finish in fourteenth place. However, his pace was such that he turned the fastest lap of the race that in turn went into the record books as a Race Lap Record.